Sage or Holy Wood (Palo Santo) Burner – Melted Glass Bottles – Vegan


Small reclaimed beer glass bottle slumped with bead or cap attached with copper wire. A small bundle of California White Sage or Holy Wood is included.


Sustainable burners made and designed with a reclaimed glass bottle, handmade ceramic beads and wire wrap.

These unique burners are multipurpose, their copper holder is design to use with a small bundle of Sage or a stick of Palo Santo, it is designed to catch the ashes making the house blessing process safe and easy to clean.

A small bundle of California White Sage or Palo Santo is included with your order, Please make your selection.

Sage Blessing is one of the many ancient spiritual techniques that we need to revive in our modern lives that keep us centered and balanced. It is a nice practice to keep the negative energies out of our lives, helps with meditation and is also a natural antiseptic without chemicals for your home space.


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Corona & Sage, Corona & P. Santo, Blue & Sage, Blue 7 P. Santo, Green & Sage, Green & P. Santo, Corona F & Sage, Corona F & P. Santo