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About Me

Monica Caram is a Ceramist/Artist, born and raised in a region populated by artisans in Argentina's North West.

She have been making arts & crafts for over 30 years, mostly working with ceramics and paintings, and have always been interested in experimenting with every element to create unique art pieces. She studied Ceramics in the Art School at the University of Tucuman in Argentina, and now lives in California, where she spend every day at the studio creating pieces inspired by  her studies and travels throughout her life. Every item designed is handmade, unique, and although some are similar, everything varies slightly, making each creation one-of-a-kind.

Her idea is to turn each bottle into a useful sustainable artifact to contribute at least a tiny bit into saving them from the landfill. All materials used are obtained locally to minimize the carbon footprint.

Her goal is to share her creations with those who can appreciate and welcome them into their homes.

Moonstone Craft is a proud members of the 80/20 USA.


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