Chakras | Meditation | Scented Vegan Candles 5 Fl Oz


Scented vegan candles designed and hand poured in small batches in our studio

*Soy wax is a renewable natural resource and can be removed with soap and water.

*Soy candles last longer than paraffin candles and are non-toxic.

*Soy candles are perfect for vegan consumers.

*Extreme temperatures affect the behavior of the wax and frosting may occur.




Hand poured soy candle with formulated natural scents designed to enhance the chakras

Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies that regulates the whole functioning of our body and minds. When chakras are balanced and aligned our mind and body are harmonized.

Aromas combined with meditation and yoga can help us fulfill the balance needed.

These candles are 100 % Soy natural wax (Non GMO), which is a renewable ingredient made in the USA, charged with love frequencies (528 Hz) and highly scented.

Size: 5 Fl Oz

Burning Time: Approximately +30 hours.

Scented with fragrances free of phthalates . Scents are selected considering our environment and customers experience.

Cotton wick is our choice to be very mindful as well and to ensure an optimal candle-burning experience.

To keep our candles as natural as possible we do not add colors to them.


Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown, Full Set (7)