Scented Vegan Candle 16 Fl Oz – Whiskey Cut Bottle


Scented vegan candles hand poured into reclaimed cut glass bottles.



Hand poured soy candle on a re-purposed Whiskey bottle.

100 % Soy Candle

Size: 16 – 20 fl oz

Burning Time: Approximately 100 hours.

Scented with fragrances free of phthalates . Scents are selected considering our environment and customers.

Cotton wick is our choice to be very mindful as well and to ensure an optimal candle-burning experience.

To keep our candles as natural as possible we do not add colors to them.

*Soy wax is a renewable natural resource and can be removed with soap and water.

*Soy candles last longer than paraffin candles and are non-toxic.

*Soy candles are perfect for vegan consumers.

*Extreme temperatures affect the behavior of the wax and frosting may occur.

Bottles are carefully selected, cut, and due to the irregularities of the glass wall on each bottle they go through an extensive sanding process to smooth out the top, and then cleaned before they are turned into vessels for these unique eco-friendly soy candles. As this is a handmade product, bottles may have a slightly different finish; and small chips or dents might be visible but safe to touch. The container is not meant to be used as a drinking glass once the candle is done, but it can be re-purposed into a pencil holder or succulent’s planter.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions N/A

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