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Sustainable Home Decor

Innovative designs from reclaimed glass

Home Decor from Reclaimed Wine Bottles


Cheese Plates

Find a unique tableware to add a tremendous personality to the table. We offer art pieces for a sustainable lifestyle


Wall Clocks

 Repurposed wine bottles turned into unique wall clocks.


Soy Candles

 Wine scented. We only use high quality natural materials to make these luxurious multisensory candles. 



Appetizer Dish

Appetizer tray made out of reclaimed bottles, decorated with copper wire and ceramic beads, that will take your table presentation to the next level. More dishes...


Wall Clocks

Wall clock made out of a large reclaimed wine bottle, decorated with original designs. More clocks...


Vegan Candles

Our soy candles are eco-friendly and hand poured. Scents are selected considering our environment and customers, we only use phthalates-free fragrances, and we are very mindful of our wick selection as well, to ensure optimal candle-burning experience. To keep our candles as natural as possible we do not add colors to them. More candles...



Wall Clocks

Wall clock made out of a reclaimed beer bottle, decorated with original graphics.
Perfect addition for beer enthusiasts to decorate and enhance your home.  More clocks...


Beer Theme - Vegan Candle

Our candles are 100% soy wax and cotton wick, and scents are selected considering our environment and customers, we only use phthalates-free fragrances.More candles...


Dispensers for Soap or Lotion

Glass dispensers for soap or lotion are made from reclaimed bottles. Great to use in the bathroom or kitchen. High quality stainless steel pump More dispensers...



Frida Themed

One of our favorite inspiration is Frida Kahlo, and we enjoy portraying her in every possible way! More for Frida Lovers...


Coca Cola

We have a variety of unique ways to repurpose bottles intovery cool artifacts, that makes a great gift for collectors. More for Coca-Cola Collectors...


Custom Orders

Custom Orders Available!
Please send us your picture (at least 300 dpi for better results)we will reply with a free estimate for your order, Thank you. email here ...

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MC is a Ceramist/Artist, born and raised in a region populated by artisans in Argentina's North West.
She have been making arts & crafts for many years, mostly working with ceramics and paintings, and have always been interested in experimenting with every element to create unique art pieces. She studied Ceramics in the Art School at the University of Tucuman in Argentina, and settled in California, where she spend every day at the studio creating pieces inspired by her studies and travels throughout her life. Every item designed is handmade, unique, and although some are similar, everything varies slightly, making each creation one-of-a-kind.
After years living in california, she became more aware of the environmental issues and the consumers responsibilities torwards it, then is when the idea of sustainability she start her designs for home decor from reclaimed glass, turning each bottle into an useful sustainable artifact to contribute at least a tiny bit into saving them from the landfill.

All materials used in the studio are obtained locally to minimize the carbon footprint.

The concept is to give the bottles a new life and encourage customers torwards ecofriendly products for those who can appreciate and welcome them into their homes.



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